Making baby room decorations costs only love

I have always wanted to have something handmade for my child. Handmade items have a magical power. They are infused with love, the most beautiful feeling a loving mother (or any other loving person) can have. In my earlier post, I share my hand-made wool sweaters for my baby, while in this post I want to share some fake wool decorations with you.

I have not decided yet where and how I am going to use them, but I am sure they will find their place in my baby boy’s room. If you are a crafty person, you have probably seen similar decorations on Pinterest or other websites. Here are some of the items I may use as parts of a baby crib decoration or a baby mobile, which is likely to be attached to the lamp in the baby’s room.

IMG_0332I have use fake felt wool fabric and very simple patterns. If you do not want to waste your time trying to draw your own apple or car as I did (I don’t have a printer), you can find a great deal of printable patterns in the Internet. All that you need is to come up with a theme. As you can tell, I have not had theme — a car, an apple, a bird, clouds (?)… Nothing special so far. If you need some inspiration, browse the Pinterest platform, but keep in mind that you will find a lot of themes, which may make all the things worse (you may not be able to decide what ideas you want to use).

Such, let’s call them, decorations, are not new to me. I have attempted to make some Christmas ornament last year, and you can have a look at some of them on my other blog, which is no longer updated. To tell the truth, I think that I was more successful with those Christmas ornaments than with these decorations. It was so because I had a color theme. This time I use the same colors, but was not able to come up with objects that can be made using the same colors. Shame on me…

Nevertheless, I think that such handmade decorations are much better than those cheep  ornaments that you can find at your local supermarket. You add some much love and time making those small items, which is good for both you and your child. A newborn or toddler can’t appreciate this because of her young brain, but later in life she is likely to treasure that object more, especially if she knows the story behind it. I love knowing that my mother made me colorful sweaters with ducks and chickens on the chest, and I understand that she did that because she loved me. Hopefully, one day my son will appreciate my efforts and time spent making little investments in his good mood and colorful childhood.


One comment on “Making baby room decorations costs only love

  1. Jana says:

    These are really cute. You could use them to make a lovely mobile for the baby. Best wishes from Toronto, Jana

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